Tariq Malik Al-Jada’ana..a taxi driver who saved a woman from a drunken fit and refused any payment

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Graciousness and chivalry are qualities rooted in Egyptian society. Respect for the elder, kindness to the young, and assistance to the needy are all strong actions, but the speed of life and the busyness of many made these qualities not appear clearly. The matter was different in the case of Tariq Khalaf, who did not hesitate to help a woman who fell ill in the street, and insisted that he deliver her to the nearest hospital to check on her. The lady’s daughter is posting his picture in an effort to appreciate his almighty deed.

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Tariq Khalaf, the 38-year-old and father of three children, said that he works as a taxi driver in the Mohandessin area, and when he was around his work, he found a woman in a state of severe fatigue with her daughter, which made him stop and offer to help them, until her daughter informed him that they were waiting for another means of transportation because it was not They had any money, and he said: “I was on Ahmed Orabi Street in Mohandessin, and I found six adults with her daughter of about 17 years old. The woman was in a state of severe fatigue and asked the girl, she said to me, No, she will be fine,” which made me insist on delivering them for free, and I was surprised that the lady needed to go She was rushed to the hospital because she was very tired.

He added: “When I offered my help to the girl, she said, ‘No, we will ride transportation, because we do not have money for a taxi.’ In the hospital, I felt like they were my mother and my sister.”

He continued, “I was surprised that my photo was spread on the social networking site Facebook after the lady’s daughter took it to me as an attempt to return the favor, and he confirmed that anyone in my place would do this and more.”

the post

Tariq with his children
Tariq with his children

Tariq is in the hospital
Tariq is in the hospital


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