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Nurse Abu Jamea demands the hospital to apologize and refuses to return to work

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publish date 2022-09-28 19:54:24

The nurse, Asmaa Abu Jameh, said that the media published statements about the hospital from which she resigned, denying her being prevented from wearing the robes at work.

Abu Jameh added in a post to her that these statements are insulting and insistent on being wrong, expressing her rejection of them.

She explained that the Minister of Labor and the Syndicate of Nurses contacted her in the presence of the concerned director of nursing, where she told her story without a response or comment from the director.

Abu Jameh indicated that the minister and the captain asked her if she wanted to return to work in the hospital in question, but she refused because the case is not a job, but rather a case of a legal right imposed by God, which is the legal dress.

Abu Jameh said that she worked for two and a half months in this hospital, and that her dress does not affect the nature of her work and does not hinder her movement and meets the standards of infection control, which is a long gown that reaches the feet.

Abu Jameh added, that she informed the hospital administration when she was interviewed for work that she would work in the jilbab, and there was no refusal from them, until the appointment of a new department director, who stipulated that the jilbab should be shortened to be below the knee in order to standardize the dress code for all nurses.

She said, “I refused Jalababi’s shortening, since it does not affect my work, and I tried to communicate with the administration, but I was refused an interview without giving reasons, so I submitted my resignation, and went to the director of the general manager’s office and told her the details of what happened so that this would not happen with other nurses.”

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