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With the beginning of school and the students going to school, many mothers seek to get their children to study well, so they review what has been studied throughout the day, which may make them reach a large degree of nervousness and anger if the child does not easily absorb, which increases tension The general atmosphere with their loss of control over this large amount of anger, which often translates to screaming and may amount to violence against the son, as Dr. Samar Kishk, a mental health specialist, explained in her speech to “The Seventh Day” several steps to control anger while studying with children, and how to make studying easy And simple according to the age of the child as follows:

The correct way to study for children quietly and without nervousness

First: Knowing the appropriate method and place for studying

The mental health specialist said that the method of studying differs according to the age stage, meaning that the young age stages, which range from 3 to 6 years old, are based on choosing a place full of colors and pretend games to help the child continue studying with you without getting bored, whether on your side or on his side. As for the older age groups, they are children from 7 to 12 years old, which follow differently the test of a quiet place suitable for concentration and comprehension.

Second: Not to be reprimanded

The mental health specialist added that it is necessary for the mother to take a pledge not to reprimand her child, no matter what happens, so that he does not lose confidence in himself and increase his fear, and so that he does not become alienated from the way of studying, and with the passage of time you lose the dialogue with him.

Third: Not rewarding the child with money:

The mental health specialist added that it is necessary not to reward the child with money at all, so that his personality does not turn into materialism, but she should bring a simple gift that is something he loves and is appropriate for his age.

Fourth: Don’t compare him with anyone

And the mental health specialist added that the mother should not compare him to his colleagues from school or family with their academic level, while increasing their praise even for simple correct answers to encourage them to progress.

How to control the mother’s nervousness while studying:

  1. Take a “break” or a suitable time to rest in order to feel calm and so that the child also rests from studying.
  2. Be patient and always remind herself that her child will not understand anything while she is angry and screaming.
  3. Controlling the nerves, and knowing the mother well or the father if he is the one who studies for his children, that children at this time are forming their personality, either you build it in a way full of love and confidence, or you make fear and tension prominent characteristics in your child’s personality.

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studying time


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