An Indian family refuses to feed the “Ma’azim” at a wedding party until the card is shown

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Weddings in India have evolved over the years, however, a large group of weddings still find it difficult to accommodate hundreds of guests. The family of the attendees showed their cards at the entrance to the place, and the card holders were the only ones allowed to enter the hall.

The bride’s family decided to ask her guests to show their identification cards, and they also mentioned that food will only be served to those who have their own card, according to timesnownews.

It happened because when someone started serving food, guests from other bars broke into the place, this provoked the bride’s family, then they decided to stop serving the guests, although the dissolution of the bride’s family was a way to solve the chaos, but the bride’s guests were annoyed of conditional entry, and the anger of many of them who did not carry their ID cards to attend the wedding.

Fortunately the situation was handled well by some people, and the clip was viewed more than 1.5 thousand times on Twitter.


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