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The decision to imprison the convicts in the Salt Hospital case for 3 years is definitive

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publish date 2022-09-27 15:51:28

The Amman Court of Appeal decided to reject the appeal submitted by the convicts in the case of oxygen outage from Al-Hussein Hospital in the city of Salt as a subject and to uphold the appealed decision regarding their conviction of causing the death of 9 people in the case.
Thus, the decision to convict the appellants of causing death and imprison them for a period of 3 years has become definitive.
The court announced its decision, today, Tuesday, in which it rejected the appeal of the Public Prosecution submitted as a subject matter and confirmed the appealed decision as a subject matter, which acquitted 8 people in the case.
The decision indicated that, pursuant to the provisions of Articles 14 and 16 of the Magistrate Courts Law No. 23 of 2017, the appealed decision was rescinded in the case of oxygen interruption from Al Hussein Hospital in Salt, with regard to the death of a person subject, and pursuant to the provisions of Article 178 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the declaration of innocence The appellant accused of causing his death.
The judicial panel at the Amman Penal Court of Magistrates, which is competent to consider the issue of oxygen depletion at Al Hussein Governmental Hospital in Salt, had incriminated four former directors and an oxygen technician in the hospital on charges of causing death, repeated 10 times, and decided to imprison them for a period of three years.
In the decision issued at the end of last year, the Magistrate’s Court convicted the former director of the hospital, his assistant for services and distribution affairs, the head of the medical gases group, the director of medical devices and the former oxygen technician in the hospital, with the crime of causing death, repeated 10 times, and decided to imprison them for three years and guaranteed them the amount of three thousand and 575 dinars for each one. them enforceable penalty.
The justice procedures in the case of the oxygen depletion of Salt Hospital lasted for about 250 days and over a period of nine whole months. Each week, two sessions, in which it heard about 87 witnesses, including 66 witnesses presented by the Public Prosecution.
The Public Prosecution charged thirteen defendants in the case with the accusation of causing death ten times, and it was proven to the court after the end of the trial procedures that the five convicts were responsible for what happened.
Oxygen was suddenly cut off from the departments of patients infected with the emerging corona virus at dawn on Saturday 13th of last March, and this interruption caused the death of 10 Jordanians, and the Public Prosecution immediately moved and began investigating the case that aroused public opinion.

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