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It is likely that a royal will be issued to abolish the extraordinary session of the National Assembly

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publish date 2022-09-27 09:15:23

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On Tuesday, parliamentary sources suggested that a royal decree would be issued to abolish the extraordinary session of the National Assembly, after the Senate approved some laws.

The sources told Al-Bawsala that the royal decree will be issued after the Senate’s approval of “a draft law amending the service of officers in the armed forces, and a draft law on military service and reserve service.”

The National Assembly, in its two parts, approved 8 bills, out of 12 laws, that were included on the agenda of the special session, which is “Regulating the Investment Environment, amending the Law of the National Center for Human Rights, the Jordanian Medical Council, Child Rights, for the year 2022. Amending the Law on Officers Service in the Armed Forces.” Jordan, amending the Military and Reserve Service Law, amending the Constitutional Court Law, and amending the General Sales Tax Law.

It is noteworthy that the draft Child Rights Law sparked widespread controversy in the Jordanian street, amid fears of a direct impact and targeting of the Jordanian family, but the House of Representatives approved the draft law, following major amendments made by the Joint Parliamentary Committee (Legal Committee – Family and Women Committee).


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