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Commencement of maintenance work for the Dead Sea-Mujib road

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publish date 2022-09-27 21:57:04

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has announced the start of maintenance work for the Dead Sea-Mujib road, starting tomorrow, Wednesday.

The ministry said in a press statement issued by the Media and Communication Unit today, Tuesday, that the maintenance work, which will be carried out through the Madaba Works Directorate, includes scraping works for landings, re-paving works, treating any potholes, and injection works for the entire road surface of the site, and strengthening the road with elements of public safety. And warning signs, within the periodic maintenance work that is carried out on the roads within its jurisdiction.

She indicated that, in cooperation with the Public Security Directorate, it will be partially and temporarily diverting traffic in some locations from the road to the other lane, which contributes to ensuring the sustainability of traffic on the road, calling on citizens to adhere to the principles of safe driving, the instructions of its cadres and the salaries of public security working in the field. .

The ministry indicated that the maintenance work will be completed within about two weeks from the date of commencement of implementation.

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