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After the increase in cases of people biting people, what did mayors ask the government to confront dogs?

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publish date 2022-09-27 08:19:36

The Compass – Muhammad Saad

Mayors of Irbid and Zarqa in Jordan demanded that the government allow municipalities to “snipe” stray dogs, after the increase in the number of their attacks on people.

The citizen fell victim to a legal and moral struggle over the most effective way to control stray dogs between residential neighborhoods and reduce their ferocity.

In a post on Facebook, the mayor of Irbid, Nabil Al-Kofhi, criticized the legislation that hinders the ability of municipalities to take measures to protect citizens from stray dogs.

For his part, the mayor of Shadi Al-Zinati Al-Rusaifa said that the municipality does not have the financial capacity to shelter and sterilize stray dogs.

Al-Zinati confirmed in press statements that the inability to shelter these dogs prompted him to demand their sniping, stressing that there is no other solution for them but that.

He stressed that the lives of citizens are in danger, due to the high rates of stray dogs.

Legislation punishes those who deliberately try to kill animals, and the penalties range from a monetary fine to imprisonment, according to the crime specified in the Penal Code in Articles 452/472.

Chapter 3 of Article 472 on animal abuse indicates that the penalty for leaving a domestic animal without food, neglecting it severely, beating a pet or domestic animal harshly, burdening it, torturing it, or employing an animal unable to work due to illness, old age, or injury Disability or injury, which is imprisonment for up to one week and a fine of up to 5 dinars.

Last year, the government announced a new program to deal with stray dogs “ABC”, which includes the operations of collecting, sterilizing, vaccinating, vaccinating against rabies, numbering and returning them within the environmental balance plan, in cooperation with the local administration and the Princess Alia Foundation.

This global application that seeks to achieve an environmental balance aimed at protecting the dogs in the hands of the municipalities and the Amman Municipality from firing a “bullet” at stray dogs, and it hit the demands of most of the Kingdom’s residents to return to sniping stray dogs, despite the fact that it is the fastest solution to combating this problem that has become bothering them .

According to a high-ranking source in the Amman Municipality – who preferred not to be named – he believes that “the interference of external funding in those issues related to animal welfare may clash with and restrict national programs, despite their effectiveness when applied on the ground,” according to Sakeifa Al-Ghad.

He added, “We began years ago by sniping stray dogs with anesthetic needles instead of using live bullets, a procedure that is in line with what is in place in developed countries, where after they are sedated, they are collected and transported to the animal care center of the Secretariat in the Muwaqqar region.”

Last year, health authorities documented the death of two young men with rabies who were bitten in the face area, as the virus quickly moved to the central nervous system of the brain. While a child of Arab nationality died after being bitten by stray dogs in Mafraq Governorate, while Dr. Al-Athamneh stated that Jordan “has not recorded any new cases of rabies in two years.”

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