If you don’t have anything to say about school.. know the truth of your child’s feelings from his body language

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One of the things that most help parents to succeed in raising children and communicating with them is their knowledge of their psychological state, which will help them know when their child is happy, when he needs support and encouragement, and when he needs advice, guidance and direction, so the seventh day is reviewed with Muhammad Hassan expert Body language Body language signals that express your child’s psychological state, and the reality of his feelings when going or returning to school, or going and returning from friends’ gatherings.

Happy Child

You will see him laughing and having fun and playing with all comfort, and also playing in front of the old and the small, and the smile does not leave his face, You will see him active and moving from here and there quickly, and his voice will become louder while playing, as he is focused on playing and having fun and will not pay attention to the loudness of his voice or to annoy others with his play..

sad child

You will clearly see signs of sadness on his face, and you may have seen him crying out loud, You’ll see him not playing with the rest of the kids, and maybe he’ll stay away from them alone Also, if he is sitting, you will notice him trying to close his body to himself. He may hold his hands in front of his chest, and he may pull his knees with his hands towards his chest if he is sitting on the ground..

frightened child

Perhaps he saw something he was afraid of, or someone he did not like and was afraid of and being in front of him You will see his body shrink, and if one of his parents is sitting next to him, you will see this shrinkage heading towards them, as if he wants to take cover and hide behind them. You may see him holding his neck, raising his shoulders, holding his hands firmly, and you may see a slight tremor on his palms and hands, all of these signs express his intense fear..

nervous child

You will notice the tension on him when you see him fidgeting and not sitting on one condition, so he moves a lot, stands and sits and moves his feet a lot. You will see his eyes wandering and he does not communicate with his parents much, and you will notice the widening of his eyes as if he is waiting for something to happen that causes him to worry andYou will notice him making noises with his feet on the ground or by clicking with his hand on the table.

lying child

One of the most famous and most common signs that emanates from the body language of a lying child is covering the mouth. Likewise, the lips and swallowing saliva are among the most common signs that a child does when he lies, because of the dryness of the throat and lips that affect him when he lies..

angry child

You will notice him furrowing his eyebrows to express his anger, closing his body firmly on him, refusing to look at who his parents are talking to him. He speaks in a strong tone of voice, which may turn into a sad tone from time to time during his speech He turns his body away from his parents or what causes him to be angry and upset.

Body language signs that tell you the true feelings of your child
Knowing the condition of the child
Knowing the condition of the child
happy child
happy child

A child who does not like to study
A child who does not like to study


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