Using 1350 kilograms of potatoes to cook the largest rosti in the world in Switzerland.. Video

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A new record was set for the traditional Swiss rosti made from potatoes, as the largest dish in the world became the one prepared in a 13.7-square-meter frying pan, according to the Swiss Farmers Union announced on its 125th birthday, and 1350 kilograms of potatoes were used to cook the largest rosti. In the world in Switzerland.

Biggest rosti

In the Federal Square in front of the Parliament building, in Bern, a giant frying pan in the form of a Swiss cross was placed on a red fire-resistant background, forming with it the flag of Switzerland. Number registered in 1994 in Thun, central Switzerland.

Pieces of this fried potato pie, which is a popular traditional dish in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, but which has become a national dish, were distributed to the public..

Even the cultural and linguistic barrier that separates the German-speaking cantons from the French-speaking cantons, known as “Rustegraben”, is taken from the name of this dish, and the Farmers Union explained that the potatoes used in preparing the two dish were grown during the summer in all regions of Switzerland before being brought to Bern , in a gesture that symbolizes overcoming these barriers and differences.


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