Nail fashion trends for fall 2022… cream and bronze continue for winter

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After completing New York Fashion Week, we may have noticed many star nail shapes, which inspire many girls to use them with the beginning of autumn and once the next winter comes, and this fashion may continue until the spring of 2023, in addition to the change that will occur in nail trends, colors and ideas The new colors that may appear this season, there is nothing more exciting than choosing the right color for the shape of your hand, so the seventh day reviews some of the popular shades for the coming year, starting with fall 2022, which contain a group of bright bright colors and some neutral shades, according to the website.nailpolishdirect” As follows:

cream color:

This color is characterized by its calm, beauty and shape suitable for any degree of hand color. It is also suitable for lighting the camera when taking souvenir photos. It can make the shape of the hand attractive.

cream color

bronze color:

As for the bronze color in manicure, this color is characterized by its eye-catching aesthetic and is suitable for parties and evenings, as it is suitable for shiny or plain clothes at the same time.

bronze color
bronze color

soft blue color:

Soft blue is the color of fall manicure and spring 2023 fashion, which is called the color of optimism, it is a color that provides warmth and happiness at the same time, and it matches perfectly with most skin tones and is a refreshing color that is perfect for spring and autumn.

Soft blue color
Soft blue color

Soft cheerful cherry color:

Red is a classic color that never goes out of fashion, so it is no surprise that it is back in the fall and winter of this season. The cherry color ranges from the classic and strong red, to the soft and calm cherry color, which is suitable for all occasions, whether morning or evening.

Soft cherry color

Soft cherry color

Caramel color shade:

A perfect choice for dark skin, yellow skin or sun-kissed skin, caramel is a fall favorite, it gives a fun and playful touch to your nails.

caramel color

caramel color

olive green color:

Olive green is the go-to for most warmer skin tones when deciding which manicure is right for you, and given the popularity of earthy, neutral tones, it’s time to enjoy it on your nails.

olive green color
olive green color


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