An American photographer documents the amazing moment of a lightning bolt inside a rainbow

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It is the most beautiful images that produce an epic shot of mother nature, and it is not every day that a person can capture this scene, which needs great luck and good preparation, and it seems that American photographer Jason Reinhart, is really lucky, as he lives within walking distance of the Blue Mountains in Virginia, USA , which provides stunning views of the natural, according to the site “CNN“.

Thunderbolt inside the rainbow

This allowed him to develop his skills in photographing storms over the years, and he became adept at discerning the weather conditions that would give him the best shooting results, and as a result he was recently able to capture the moment of a lightning bolt, centered entirely beneath a double rainbow, and the entire scene at sunset..

The result is a dreamy picture in which the double rainbow looks like a natural frame for a lightning bolt, says Reinhart in an interview with his website. CNN“I live in a unique place to capture Mother Nature at its best, with easy access to many high altitude vantage points, which other photographers cannot access in other areas.”

The moment clouds form before the photographer takes his picture
The moment clouds form before the photographer takes his picture

And the American photographer explains that knowing the surrounding environment is an important aspect of creativity, in addition to patience, preparation and seizing the opportunity, which results in a wonderful combination, as happened with him that day, when he captured the double rainbow at sunset, which was followed by a bolt of lightning, and Reinhart remembers that he felt As if “it was exactly where it was meant to be, just in time to capture that perfect moment”.


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