A shocking scene of a Brazilian injury with severe swelling in her face due to filler fillers.. Video and photos

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A 20-year-old Brazilian student developed an allergy that caused her face to swell up severely after a severe allergic reaction to a product designed to dissolve lip fillers. She had a terrifying reaction after hyaluronidase was injected into her lip earlier this month.

She had no idea that she would suffer an extreme allergic reaction to the enzyme which left her lip so swollen it stuck out

A psychology student posted footage of the horrific incident on TikTok In a clip that garnered 1.5 million views, Isis needed to melt her filler after one side of her lip appeared fuller.

Isis de Oliveira Almeida Pinheiro, from Palmas, northern Brazil, was left with a massively distorted face after an allergic reaction caused her cheeks and jaw to swell up.  Pictured, before the reaction

The student was left with the terrifying reaction after hyaluronidase - generally used to dissolve old fillers - was injected into her lip earlier this month

The psychology student posted footage of the horrifying mishap to her TikTok which racked up an astonishing 1.5 million views

She told local media, “At first we tried to shape it, because hyaluronic acid in the early days can form, but there was an excessive build-up of the product and it didn’t work, then we also tried perforations to put pressure on it, but it didn’t work and then the last time I went, we applied hyaluronidase, which I later learned has a very strong allergenic potential.”


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