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“Fraihat” clarifies the reasons for the Court of Cassation’s decision in the case of “teachers donating to the homeland”

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publish date 2022-09-25 10:54:06

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Lawyer Bassam Freihat clarified the decision of the Court of Cassation related to the rescission of the appealed decision and the ruling to dismiss the plaintiffs’ (the appellants’) lawsuit in the case of the Teachers Syndicate (the Fourth Council) donating in favor of the Hemmat Watan Fund for the purposes of confronting the Corona epidemic.

Freihat said in a statement to Al-Basala that, with reference to the origin of the case, a group of teachers filed a lawsuit demanding the dissolution of the Syndicate Council due to a donation to the Hemmat Watan Fund, where a decision was issued by the Court of First Instance to dissolve the council based on this reason.

But the Court of Appeal overturned this ruling and considered that the act was legitimate and annulled the decision to dissolve, noting, “Today, a decision was issued by the Court of Cassation supporting the decision of the Court of Appeal not to dissolve the Syndicate Council, but for a different reason, as it said that” the term of the Syndicate Council’s term has expired, and there is no need to discuss the appeal. “.

He added that “the teachers’ union won the case (donating the Himmat Watan Fund), which confirms that the decision to donate was sound.”

And the curtain came down on the issue of donating to the homeland by rescinding the decision to dissolve the fourth Jordanian Teachers Association Council after completing all stages of litigation in the Court of Cassation and confirming the decision of the Court of Appeal, which stipulated: of the law, including fees and charges).


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