Brooklyn Beckham shows off his cooking skills in a video.. You won’t believe the cost of one clip

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Brooklyn Beckham, the son of soccer star David Beckham, demonstrated his culinary prowess while demonstrating how to make chicken fried rice at the end of the week, according to video footage published by the British newspaper, Daily Mail.

The ambitious chef, 23, revealed special moments in the kitchen via “Instagram” to show how he created his last meal, while ignoring the drama of the ongoing dispute between his wife, Nicola Beatles, and the Beckham family, where the son of the English football legend appeared, frying some chicken, then breaking some Eggs in a hot skillet before adding the rice and mixing it together.

Daily Mail report

After adding rice to a bowl, Brooklyn garnished his meal with some sliced ​​green onions and sesame seeds, then proudly displayed his final meal, although he has recently been criticized for his often-mocked culinary skills.

some chicken
some chicken

The food he made
The food he made

Critics have previously drawn attention to Brooklyn’s lack of training and experience, while condemning the cost of professionally edited videos on Instagram. Big TV.

The source added that each episode of the eight-minute online show costs $100,000, and last month, David and Victoria Beckham’s son posted a video of himself making fresh pizza, but it left some viewers indifferent about its ingredients..

Brooklyn Beckham
Brooklyn Beckham

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the international singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham is going through a period of sadness after the repercussions of her differences with her daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz Beckham, which means that she has hardly seen her son Brooklyn since he married in April, and it is said that Victoria Beckham was confused and afraid that the tensions It will affect her close relationship with her son, a photographer turned chef, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

Victoria Beckham was once inseparable from her eldest son, Brooklyn, as she depended heavily on him for support while her ex-football star husband David Beckham traveled the world for his matches, but friends close to her say she is ‘very sad that Brooklyn has not joined’. To the Beckham family’s holiday traveling across Europe on a luxury yacht.

Her dismay comes amid revelations of tensions between Beckham and Beltzes, because Nicola “had no intention” of wearing a Victoria Beckham-designed wedding dress at weddings in Palm Beach, Florida, and there was more unrest after she did not Victoria is inviting her daughter-in-law to her next show at Paris Fashion Week, and a friend told the Daily Mail: ‘Victoria loves having all her kids around, she loves spending more time with her kids.


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