Between the pharaohs and the Fatimid era.. What is the historical origin of the bride and horse of the birth?

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Many shops are preparing during this period to offer the Mawlid bride and the knight in its various forms, whether made of sugar and decorated with colors and colored paper, or the plastic bride and decorated with dresses similar to wedding dresses, which families are keen to buy for their daughters to celebrate the honorable birth of the Prophet, but many do not know the historical origin For “The Bride and the Horse of the Birth”, on which many of the historical accounts that we review in this report differed.

What is the historical origin of the birth bride and horse?

It is said that “Arousa al-Mawlid” has its historical origin in the Fatimid era, where it was said that the Fatimid Caliph used to go out on the Prophet’s birthday in a procession, and the Caliph’s Sweets Diwan would bring quantities of sweets, to be distributed to the soldiers and the people. The shape of a bride and a horse to be distributed to the children so that it would bring joy and happiness in their hearts.

Birth Horse

In another narration, it is said that the reason for the design of the “Arousa al-Mawlid” is that the Fatimid rulers were encouraging the people to marry on the Prophet’s birthday, and weddings were held, and decorations were hung. This is why the people invented a bride made of sweets decorated with colored leaves and a groom riding a horse. The groom presents the sweet bride to the wife of their son, a custom that has continued until our time.

sweet bride
sweet bride

Another narration indicated that the mawlid bride appeared in the era of the ruler, by the command of God, when he went out in a procession with his wife, who was wearing a white dress on the day of the Prophet’s birthday. This is why the candy makers worked on preparing sweets in the form of the ruler and his wife, which was in the form of the birthday bride and the knight, who continued until this moment.

Another picture of the birthday bride
Another picture of the birthday bride

There are other opinions indicating that the birth bride and the knight are an embodiment of the myth of Isis and Osiris, where it is believed that the knight was inspired by the statue of “Horus” and that he holds a sword in his hand to kill the symbol of evil represented by the “Set” and that the colored cornices made of paper that are located behind the bride are inspired by Colorful Isis Suite.


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