Because autumn has begun.. 3 foods rich in natural and anti-depressant properties

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With the onset of autumn and preparation for winter, and cold air with some clouds of clouds, there are many people who enter into symptoms of depression, which is called seasons depression, there are those who indulge in it, and there are those who strive in various ways to get rid of them, and not give them the opportunity to It is controlled by these symptoms, and among the ways that help get rid of this depression is to eat a lot, which leads to weight gain, but there is no need to worry anymore, so the “Seventh Day” reviews healthy foods that treat mood disorders, resist depression and increase the feeling of comfort According to the sitehealthwire” As follows:

Seasons depression


Adding nuts to your diet as natural anti-depressant foods helps greatly in fighting depression, as they are rich in omega-3 acids that enhance your mood and mental health, such as cashews and hazelnuts, which can help improve mental health because they contain omega-3, but the most important of them is walnuts. It is considered a powerful antidepressant and is known to support overall brain health because it is one of the highest plant sources of omega-3s and a good source of protein that helps keep blood sugar levels under control.

eat nuts
eat nuts

Flax and chia seeds:

If you suffer from depression, chia seeds and flax seeds are an excellent addition to your diet, and these two types of seeds are especially rich in omega-3 fats. Flax is about 39%, these two seeds have a lot of benefits that improve your mood in quick and subtle ways.

Eat chia seeds
Eat chia seeds


Vegetables, especially dark green leaves such as spinach and watercress, are rich in folic acid, fiber and other minerals, which makes them an excellent choice for improving mood and stability.

Eat vegetables
Eat vegetables


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