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This is the last date for receiving donations for the victims of the Weibdeh incident

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publish date 2022-09-24 15:15:25

The Minister of Social Development, Ayman Al-Mufleh, revealed, on Saturday, the suspension of receiving donations for the benefit of those affected by the collapse of a building in the Al-Weibdeh area in Amman, as of next month.

The minister said that the disbursement of donations will be for the benefit of those affected, noting at the same time that no amounts of the value of donations have been spent on those affected.

The total donations received by the Ministry of Social Development for those affected by the collapse of a building in the Al-Weibdeh area in Amman amounted to about 65 thousand dinars, including about 40,000 dinars through “your bills”, according to Al-Mufleh.

Al-Mufleh stressed that the ministry is responsible for the residency expenses of all those affected for an open period until their conditions are stabilized.

“On 1-10, donations will be stopped,” according to the minister

14 people died and 10 others were injured when an apartment building in Al Weibdeh area collapsed onto another building.

The Greater Amman Municipality, under the supervision of the Public Security Directorate, removed 3,000 cubic meters of rubble from the site of the collapsed building in the Weibdeh area of ​​Amman.

The Public Prosecution had completed the investigation into the case of the collapse of an apartment building in the Weibdeh area, after an investigation that lasted for eight days, and decided to transfer the case to the competent court to try the defendants for the crimes against them.

Public Prosecutor Hassan Al-Abdallat said, in a previous statement, that the Public Prosecution heard the testimony of 21 witnesses, conducted a number of specialized technical expertise, interrogated the defendants and decided to arrest them, and the number of deaths in the case reached 14 deaths, and 9 injuries.

The Public Prosecution had begun investigating the case from the moment the accident occurred in the Weibdeh area and was present at the site and collected evidence and evidence, and decided to arrest the building official who is the heir of the building owner, in addition to the building contractor and maintenance technician, and charged them with causing death, repeated 14 times, and causing harm. .

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