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The Tax Authority allocates a team to help activists adjust their situation

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publish date 2022-09-24 17:57:07

The Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department, Dr. Hossam Abu Ali, confirmed that the department does not have the authority to impose any new taxes, but rather is committed to implementing the law and playing its role in educating, guiding and educating taxpayers.

During his meeting with a group of influencers on social media and YouTubers, he explained that Article 3 of Law No. 34 of 2014 stipulates that any income earned in the Kingdom or earned by any person from it is subject to tax, regardless of the place of payment.

He added that the department was keen to invite activists for the purposes of educating them and raising them tax awareness, especially since the activity they perform has become known and information about it is monitored.

He indicated that the department did not impose any new tax, but through conducting analysis and monitoring of information related to their activities, it appeared that there are incomes that exceed the exemption limit, which requires them to submit tax returns.

He said: The department has allocated a team of its employees to help them adjust their legal status by submitting tax returns on their incomes derived from their various activities and paying the taxes incurred by them.

During the meeting, they were briefed on how to estimate their income and calculate the expenses they incur for the purposes of obtaining income and deducting them from the income, as well as the self-assessment system that allows them themselves to announce their actual and real income and announce it in their self-reports without any interference from the department.

During the meeting, the Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department said that any role and contribution made by activists for any purposes that serve the country and the transfer of images and positive attitudes is welcome, and the department encourages and supports it. accepted by the department.

During the meeting, Abu Ali answered the questions of the participants, who represent the various activities.

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