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The “Islamic Action Executive” discusses with the heads of the party’s branches the vision of work during the next stage

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publish date 2022-09-24 19:29:11

Adaileh: Citizens feel alienated as a result of losing confidence in state institutions and weakening society

The Executive Office of the Islamic Action Front Party discussed with the heads of the party’s branches in the regions of the Kingdom the vision of work during the next stage, a number of projects included in the action plan, and its vision for dealing with a number of national files and developments on the local scene.

The meeting, which was moderated by the party’s secretary, Thabet Assaf, included a workshop on procedures for correcting the party’s situation in accordance with the new parties law and the role of the branches in that. At the end of this year, during the meeting, follow-up of the projects of the Jerusalemite ribat, community communication, the role of youth committees in branches and central committees, meetings of the parliamentary bloc in branches, and a dialogue took place between members of the office and heads of branches on various files.

In his speech, the Secretary-General of the party, Eng. Murad Al-Adayleh, stressed the danger of what the citizen of Jordan is experiencing, describing him as a state of alienation as a result of the loss of confidence in state institutions and the weakening of his Arab and Islamic identity as a result of the systematic campaigns targeting the community’s structure, values ​​and constants.

Adaileh added, “As a result of this official approach in managing state institutions and the situation of exacerbation of internal crises and the absence of any national vision to deal with these files, the citizen feels a state of weak connection to the homeland, which raises the alarm and requires changing the existing approach and building a national vision to deal with what he is going through. The homeland of challenges and crises, the cost of which is paid by the homeland and the citizen.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary-General of the party, Eng. Ayman El-Sakka, spoke about the economic vision prepared by the party, which includes an integrated vision that deals with various fields, pointing to the role of the party’s branches in introducing this vision in society and clarifying its provisions and work projects that it includes, in addition to keeping pace with the parties and election laws, and the party’s progress in its mission and role. National and the continuation of partisan education programs in the community.

While the second deputy secretary-general of the party, Dr. Ghazi Dweik, spoke about the file of defending the Arab and Islamic identity of society, which is subjected to a systematic attack targeting the values ​​of society, its constants, and the identity of the state, including attempts to pass laws targeting the family system and values, noting that the party placed this file among its priorities for work during The next stage, including the extensive work and communication with various societal, national, legitimate, parliamentary and popular forces and authorities to amend the provisions of the Child Rights Law that posed a threat to the family and community system, and other attempts to tamper with the curricula and spread vice and atheism in society under several Banners.

While the member of the Executive Office of the party, Lawyer Mutasim Abu Rumman, spoke about the work projects of the legal committee in the party, the legal culture project towards political and partisan life and public freedoms, and the importance of the role of the party’s branches towards holding events within this axis of society, as he referred to the role of the legal committee in following up on some legislation On the table of the House of Representatives, including the Child Rights Law, and clarifying the dangers of the provisions contained in this law.

Member of the party’s executive office, lawyer Hamad Al-Harut, who is responsible for the file of freedoms and human rights in the party, indicated that the party continues its role in defending public and political freedoms, revealing and following up on violations of citizens’ rights, stressing that the party’s Public Freedoms Committee is preparing a report on the state of human rights. Human rights, as he emphasized the legal rights of party cadres.

Member of the party’s executive office and official in charge of the national file, Ayman al-Akour, spoke about some administrative follow-ups related to the party’s branches, preparing periodic administrative and financial reports, and the file of branch delegates to the party’s central committees.

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