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Reservation of licenses and review of ‘Bios’ or ‘License’ for dark shading

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publish date 2022-09-24 22:15:30

Deputy Director of the Traffic Department, Colonel Anwar Al-Kharabsheh, said that the mechanism for implementing the decision to raise the percentage of vehicle shading from 30-50% depends on the sensory detection of traffic stewards.

Speaking to Jordan TV, he confirmed that if the people inside the vehicle were “apparent” to the traffic sergeant, the driver of the vehicle would most likely be left alone.

“But if it appears to the traffic sergeant that the shading is dark, the driver will not be violated,” according to Al-Kharabsheh, who confirmed that the driver’s licenses will be seized and given a notice, to review one of the traffic or licensing sections.

He indicated that the decision came in response to certain requirements, including; Climate change in Jordan in recent years, rising temperatures, the possibility of sunlight causing damage to vehicles, in addition to the sensitivity of some patients to sunlight.

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