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One million babies are born in Jordan every 5 years

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publish date 2022-09-24 10:08:58

The Compass – The Secretary-General of the Higher Population Council, Dr. Issa Al-Masarwe, attributed the increase in the number of births in Jordan to the increase in the number of residents in the Kingdom.

Al-Masarweh said that in the past 12 years, Jordan recorded an increase in the population of about two and a half million births, with an average of one million births per 5 years.

He pointed out that the increase in the number of the population in the Kingdom includes non-Jordanians and constitutes 13%, indicating that 70% of the non-Jordanian births from the Syrian community are about 25,000 non-Jordanian.

Al-Masarweh pointed out that there may be a lack of birth registration due to the Corona pandemic, especially among non-Jordanians, as they did not register or report the births.

He attributed the high number of deaths to the Corona pandemic, which may have contributed to raising death rates, noting that the death rate in Jordan is 6 deaths per thousand people, so that it is about 60 thousand deaths per year.

Al-Masarwe explained that the death rates for males are higher than for females, meaning that 140 males die and 100 females die, due to the fact that males live shorter than females for biological considerations.

He said that the Jordanian society is a young society, and constitutes one third of the population of the Kingdom under the age of 15, while the group from 15 to 24 years constitutes a fifth of the population.

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