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Nice autumn weather in most areas of Jordan

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publish date 2022-09-24 08:08:00

Compass – The air maps resulting from the models of the so-called computer simulations indicate the continued influence of the moderate air mass on the Kingdom’s atmosphere during the next few days, which rushed into the Kingdom later last Monday and resulted in moderate weather during the day and even the prevalence of cold weather at night in most areas The kingdom.

On Saturday, temperatures will drop, and the weather will be pleasant to moderate in most Jordanian cities with the appearance of scattered clouds at low altitudes, especially in the north of the Kingdom, while it remains relatively hot in the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea and Aqaba regions. parts of the desert.

With the setting sun, it is expected that the temperature drop will accelerate so that the weather will initially turn cold in many Jordanian cities, including the capital Amman, with an increase in humidity and the appearance of low clouds in some areas, and the activity of northwesterly winds sometimes, which adds an additional feeling of coldness in Mountainous areas, and the atmosphere after midnight until the early morning hours becomes relatively cold in many areas, so that the atmosphere is not suitable for outdoor sessions, and you need to wear a light coat to match the relative cold weather.

God knows.

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