What do you know about the secret of the beauty of Siwa Oasis? .. Sheikh “Al-Dimiri” will tell you the secrets of its beauty

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Its desert environment, its pristine nature, the simple habits of its people and its natural approach have attracted some to get used to going to it permanently. Siwa Oasis is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Egypt, but there is another secret that made those who visit it for the first time cannot stay away from it much, there are those who left their parents And friends to spend the rest of his life in it, you see what this secret? .

We met with Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Damiri, the chief sheikh of Siwa, and he spoke to “The Seventh Day” about the oasis and the secret of its beauty, which attracts the far and near to visit it. We in Siwa do not need a final police station. In general, we have no problems other than irrigating agricultural lands, but the big problems that we hear about in the rest of the governorates are not there.

Chief Sheikh of Siwa (8)

And he continued: “Siwa is a country of security and safety. Our homes are open. Each one has two doors. You cannot find a locked door. Despite that, you are not one of those who never get a case of theft. Many tourists visit us, and once I forgot the camera of the one who met it, Leah met it, and I handed it to the police department, and they brought tourism and handed it over, We have safety.

And the sheikh of Siwa sheikhs went on to say: Women in Siwa are honored and reinforced. It is forbidden to leave the house unless necessary. Our daughters are educated and we will celebrate the first female doctor of our daughter in the oasis soon. Usually girls here learn until the secondary stage only, because it is difficult to leave our daughters abroad outside the oasis.

He continued, “We speak a special language, while you in the cities say Amazigh, but it is different, a language that no one else understands, a dialect that has no letters or conjugation of verbs. .

Al-Damiri said: We have our own festival called Tourism Day, and it is based on the civil Chazli way, meaning remembrance, prayer and food. Everyone gathers on this day every year and relatives and family come to attend it from everywhere in Egypt to meet the wombs. Eid is a 3-day holiday, and we also We feed the food on this day, meaning we slaughter the sacrifices and their cost is from the money collected from the mosques. All the people of the oasis share in eating, so you eat and you did not know that you are eating with the money of who may be the food in your mouth money that belongs to another between you and him some quarrel, the secret is here to be there Affection, mercy and love between the people of the village.

And the chief sheikh of Siwa Oasis went on, saying: “We usually stay here, in the presence of God, to bring out the psychological and satisfactory charges that may be inside us.

He added: “The landmarks and beauty that exists in Siwa are unparalleled, the mountains of salt and burial in the sand, salt, sulfur springs, islands, the most beautiful of Siwa palms, delicious dates and olives, from which we make the purest olive oil in Egypt, Siwa Oasis, security, safety, healing and recreation.”


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