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It is known that gemstones have many and varied uses in all aspects of life, whether psychological, therapeutic or aesthetic, or even controlling the energy surrounding a person or home, but there are those who do not look for all of that and turn their minds only on the color of the stone they love, as He likes to be adorned with it, for example, the red color there are people who love this color because it symbolizes strong bonds, love and passion. Therefore, “The Seventh Day” reviews a different and rare group of the most beautiful gemstones distinguished by their red color, according to the website “. gemsociety” As follows:

Ruby or Sapphire:

Ruby is a gemstone distinguished by its clear, bright red color. It is a classic gemstone. This stone is known as the birthstone and luck stone for the month of July. A ruby ​​can literally glow in sunlight. A ruby ​​is a type of gemstone composed of corundum. The mineral contains chromium, a rare element that has a red color and luster.

ruby stone

Red spinel:

Some jewelers sell gemstones instead of rubies, due to their low financial cost. It is a stone distinguished by its red color, as the spinel adorns the British royal crown, and it is called the black prince sapphire. These gemstones are also wearable, which makes them an excellent choice for a luxury engagement ring .

red spinel stone
red spinel stone

Rublite or Tourmaline:

Tourmaline or rubellite, the modern October lucky stone Trace amounts of manganese in the crystal structure cause tourmaline’s red hues, and although this gemstone can have a wonderful color due to its clarity, rubellite often contains inclusions. , but it is distinguished by its luster.

rublite or tourmaline

rublite or tourmaline

red diamond:

Red diamonds are a rare gemstone, as only a handful of red diamonds have been mined, while most of these diamonds weigh less than one carat, but their price is very high.

red diamond
red diamond


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