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Syrian tabbouleh is one of the delicious dishes in Syria and the Arab world, and recently it has spread in Egypt and has become one of the Egyptian dishes found on the dining table at lunch or dinner. On the way of Chef Mai Siam in an easy way.

How to make Syrian tabbouleh: Ingredients:


Celery package.

Tomato bean.

A quarter of a cup of bulgur.

green pepper.

Salt, to taste.

2 A tablespoon of olive oil.

How to prepare the Syrian tabbouleh:

First of all, wash all the vegetables well.

Then chop all the vegetables well and appropriately and preferably cut into small pieces.

Then mix all the vegetables in a suitable bowl.

Then season it with salt, lemon, olive oil and stir.

Then soak the bulgur in hot water to make it soft.

After you feel its soft touch, drain it from the water.

Then add it to the salad dish, stirring all the ingredients.

Syrian tabbouleh

How tabbouleh works
How tabbouleh works

Tabbouleh Ingredients
Tabbouleh Ingredients


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