230 whales..A mass stranding of “flying whales” on the shores of Australia (photos)

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In a strange scene, about 230 flying whales were found stranded on the west coast of Tasmania, southeast of Australia, while officials indicated that only half of these whales appear alive..

Whales on the beach

The Tasmanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said that the group includes about 230 whales that stranded near Port Macquarie, adding, “It appears that half of these animals are still alive,” according to the website. bloombergAerial footage showed a horrific sight of dozens of these black mammals scattered along a wide beach.

It is worth noting that this region witnessed about two years ago a mass stranding of about 500 pilot whales, most of which died and only about a hundred of them survived..

According to the researchers, these animals may have lost their way in the waters when they approached a lot of the coasts, and since pilot whales are considered social animals, they may follow those that stray and be exposed to danger..

Officials confirmed that marine conservation experts and personnel equipped with whale rescue equipment went to the stranding site.


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