Ways to make the student psychologically normal and academically superior.. because schools are on the doors

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With the beginning of the school year approaching, efforts are combined between the family and the school to form a normal child from the psychological and behavioral aspect with attention to educational achievement. Therefore, “The Seventh Day” reviews with Abdul Aziz Adam, the psychological expert, 7 educational methods that must be followed to form psychologically sound and scientifically diligent children.

Methods of preparing a student psychologically

Gradual assignment of tasks and responsibilities to students:

The matter here is directly related to the psychological aspect related to the transition of students from the stage of dormancy in the months of vacation to the stage of taking responsibility and performing tasks related to academic achievement. Therefore, the first days of study must be made for review and confirmation of previous information. This will be a training for the brain to respond to the study and perform homework.

Fruitful dialogue:

When conversing with the child, he would love to listen to him, whether from the family or the teacher, and this will make him feel important on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will give the family and the teacher enough opportunity to accommodate the aspirations and needs of the student to reach success.

Not hurting his feelings in front of others.

Some exaggerate the punishment of the child in front of others, and this is a very dangerous matter and causes him a wound in his dignity that cannot be forgotten.

Strengthening self-confidence:

Self-confidence is the key to success for any human being, regardless of his age or experience, and losing it is losing access to any goal. Therefore, children’s self-confidence must be strengthened by praising their strengths and helping them to overcome their weaknesses in a practical and objective manner. One of the good aspects of boosting children’s self-confidence is discovering their passions and hobbies and encouraging them to practice them in a way that makes them proud of what they offer, and it is preferable if the child is rewarded when reaching any tangible achievement.

Boosting parental and teacher confidence:

Losing confidence in the educational element in a child’s life is a very dangerous matter because he loses the sense of his identity and loses him a sense of warmth and safety, whether in the family or school environment, and strengthening this trust is only when it is mutual and integrated, so it is never right for the family to destroy, for example, what the teacher builds and vice versa.

Building a role model:

Both the parents and the teacher should be a role model for their children and students, and the example here must be in the true sense of the word.

Strengthening the religious and moral side of the child:

This is the most important element as it helps in the formation of a healthy generation that maintains morals, values ​​and virtue, which in turn is directly reflected on the psychological state and educational attainment, and that is by teaching it to perform prayer and worship since the primary stage and strengthening the concept of honesty and respect for the other and other behaviors that we hope to see evident in our children .

Basic to make the student psychologically united
Basic to make the student psychologically united
Fruitful conversation with the child
Fruitful conversation with the child


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