The International Day of Abandoning the Car.. Why do you have to leave your car even for one day?

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Many people are keen on owning a car for various reasons, including the feeling of privacy and access to any place that no means of transportation may be able to reach. International car abandonment day axleaddict“.

Why do you have to give up your car even for one day?

Get fit

Abandoning the car and replacing it with a bike or walking to reach anywhere near your home helps you lose your extra weight and makes you feel energetic and energetic, which helps you get a distinctive physique.

Practicing walking

You will get money

Abandoning the car also helps to save a lot of money that could have been spent on gas, car maintenance, or even the fare of any public transportation, which helps to save money and spend it on other useful things.

You will participate in preserving the environment

There are many environmentally friendly cars, but they are not available in abundance in the market, and therefore the streets are full of cars that still cause air pollution, so abandoning the car even for one day helps preserve the environment.

ride a bike
ride a bike

It will be friendship

Abandoning the car and practicing walking to reach anywhere near the house, helps to interact with the neighbors and thus leads to the formation of friendship with them, which makes you loved by everyone.

You will find new places

Giving up the car and walking or riding a bike also helps you notice things and places you wouldn’t see while you were driving.

feeling tired
feeling tired

You will be calm and not tense

Driving a car requires more concentration along the road, which causes feelings of fatigue, anxiety and tension, so walking helps to get rid of the feeling of stress, anxiety and stress that you feel while driving your car.


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