Mawlid dessert.. How to make sesame and hummus at home and at the lowest costs

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A few days and we celebrate the Prophet’s birthday by buying traditional sweets, which are formed in hummus, sesame and other different types, which some may prepare in an unhealthy way, and for this we review in the report, how to make sesame and hummus at home according to the method of Chef Mai Siam

How to make sesame seeds without honey: Ingredients:

Half a cup of sesame.

And a cup of sugar.

And a cup of water.

A tablespoon of lemon juice.

How to prepare sesame:

You prepare a pot and we put water on the fire.

Then add sugar and lemon juice, stirring well, until golden.

Then add the sesame seeds to the pot that was prepared on the fire and mix them well.

Then spread it on a tray greased with oil.

Leave to cool and then cut into small pieces.

How to make samsa with honey: Ingredients:

3 cups of toasted sesame.

a cup of sugar.

And a cup of water.

Half a cup of honey.

Lemon salt workshop.

teaspoon blossom water.

How to prepare:

Prepare a bowl and add and mix sugar, water and lemon salt.

Then add bee honey and blossom water.

Then put the mixture on the fire for 15 minutes with stirring.

Then we add the roasted sesame to the mixture, stirring well.

Then put the mixture in a tray and we level its surface.

Then let it cool, then cut it and serve it to family members.

Hummus recipe: Ingredients:

Half a cup of hummus.

A kilo of sugar.

2 cups of water.

A small spoonful of lemon juice.

Two tablespoons of paraffin oil.

A tablespoon of corn oil.

And a large spoonful of gelatin.

How to prepare:

Put sugar, water, lemon and gelatin in a pot on the stove

Then stir the mixture until the consistency becomes coherent.

Then we remove the mixture from the fire.

Then add paraffin oil to it.

Then let it cool down.

Then we separate and assemble the mixture more than once until the texture becomes strong and turns white.

Then we cut the mixture and form it into balls.

Then we add chickpeas.

Then we put the balls and press them on a surface greased with corn oil until they become in the form of a disk.

Then let it harden and be ready to eat.

How to make Hummus
How to make sesame seeds at home
How to make sesame seeds at home
How sesame works
How sesame works


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