6 secrets to the success of Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip and its 73 years

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Social media and various newspapers are still talking about the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s marriage to Prince Philip and after her burial next to him, and how the duo managed to maintain the stability of their relationship during the 73 years, which is the age of their marriage, which was based on some lessons that couples wishing to learn. Maintaining their relationship and stability, according to the British newspaper “Metro” website.

Secrets of the success of Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip

Perseverance and defense of love

The Queen met her husband Prince Philip in 1939 at the Royal Naval College of Britannia when she was 13 and he was 18, and she caught Philip’s attention as she wandered with him and the two began exchanging letters while he was traveling abroad during the war, and proposed to her in 1946, was There is some disapproval of this marriage due to his origins, which means that he had to adopt an English surname as well as renounce his right to the Greek and Danish thrones.

Elizabeth was determined to marry Philip and the latter spoke of his love for the late queen, writing: “Falling in love completely and without reservation makes one’s personal problems and even the problems of the world seem small and insignificant.”

The Queen and her husband

Choose someone who shares a sense of humor

Having a sense of humor helps maintain the marital relationship, and this was one of the secrets of the continuation of Elizabeth and Philip’s marriage as the duo had a sense of humor, and author Nicholas Davies revealed that Philip’s love for jokes did not stop as the Duke put an imaginary snake in the queen’s powder box for her amusement.

Elizabeth and Philip
Elizabeth and Philip

Honesty and Tolerance

Elizabeth’s life with Philip was not always stable and happy, but she sometimes went through problems and crises that the couple managed to get through together, as the couple quarreled outside their chalet in Victoria during an official visit to Australia, after Philip stormed the front door, and the Queen reportedly directed him some The accusations and she was clearly angry, she even threw tennis shoes at him, and the couple went back inside before the Queen returned to apologize for the scene, and Philip forgave her, as honesty and tolerance were the basics of the success of their marital relationship.

An old picture of the Queen and her husband
An old picture of the Queen and her husband

mutual support

In the coronation of the Queen, the late Prince Philip swore to stand by her and support her, after he had already sacrificed his Greek title, and his marine biography for her, and these sacrifices were always remembered by the Queen, until she said on the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage: “He was simply the source of my strength and remained so all these years “.

Another image
Another image

Various hobbies and interests

Philip once said, “The secret to a happy marriage is to have different interests.” This allows for independence in the relationship and gives more discussion with the life partner, and can also see each other in a new light when trying new things and this can help strengthen levels of attraction.

Queen's wedding
Queen’s wedding

Facing problems

Philip indicated that he believed that the secret of Happy’s long marriage was on his golden wedding anniversary, saying, “I think the main lesson we have learned is that tolerance is the only essential component of any happy marriage…And the Queen is more tolerant.”


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