Steps that must be followed with the child to protect him from electronic harassment.. Encourage him to tell you

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The rapid pace with which technology is moving all the time and its development has made many parents leave their children in front of phone screens, “tablets” or other social media, whether for educational or entertainment purposes, but there are several gaps that make the child, whether a boy or girl, vulnerable to electronic harassment. It is harassment and persecution of a person through social networking sites, through sending indecent messages, photos and videos, immoral speech, or harassment of normal speech to reach other personal goals.

Therefore, “The Seventh Day” reviews, with Dr. Samar Kishk, a mental health specialist and family relations expert, several steps that must be followed to avoid your child’s exposure to electronic harassment, as follows:

Steps that must be followed with the child to protect him from electronic harassment:

First: Encourage him to tell you

The beginning of the conversation explained that the age at which the child uses the phone individually without anyone’s help is from the age of 6 to 13, which is the stage of puberty, and the mental health specialist said, that it is necessary to make the child trust his parents and even tell them everything he watches, even if on The way to have fun, and get close to children at an early stage makes them able to face everything they are exposed to without fear, and the establishment of friendship and a strong bond between the child and his parents makes us discover the problem early enough and we can solve it easily.

Second: Informing the child of the prohibitions

And the mental health specialist added that it is necessary to talk to the child about what is forbidden to watch on the “Social Media” pages, especially if the child is communicating with groups or pages to play or form teams for online games, which makes him vulnerable to talking with people older than him in the age stages and there may be a harasser between them Says inappropriate words or displays images, you must teach your child to be able to distinguish what is normal or an outside way of talking and tell you immediately without fear.

Third: The necessity of monitoring the child

The mental health specialist added that it is important to monitor the child, but without telling him so that he does not lose a sense of independence and freedom, by running a monitoring program on his phone and these things are now available, or by making an inventory of calls and messages and knowing who is communicating with him, and she added that it is necessary to warn children of Allow anyone to speak on any platform.

Fourth: Set clear warnings

And she stressed the need to warn them against anyone who sends them messages with strange content, even if it is not sexual, and never to allow anyone to video-call, whatever it is, and not to send personal pictures of them to anyone as well, and also warn them not to tell anyone about personal or family information. And not to get carried away by fake competitions, as well as warn them not to open any unknown link or link, and warn them not to open any image or “Voice” from people they do not know.

Electronic harassment

protect your child
protect your child

Social media
Social media


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