Service and Shusha: “My girlfriend’s family rejected me… Shall I put them in front of the fait accompli?”

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“I love a girl and we have been in a relationship for two years, and I agreed with her that I would not propose to her right now, but her family knew that I spoke to her, so I had to go to her family to apply to her so that I could not abandon her.. Do I take it and run away and marry and put them in front of the fait accompli? Did I make a mistake that I came through the door? What do I need to answer?


We transferred the problem to Dr. Reham Abdel Rahman, a consultant for mental health and family counseling, who said: “Safe love relationships lie in the presence of an element of safety and material and social harmony between the two parties, as well as the need to enter homes through their doors and not from their extremist roads or open windows for anyone who wants to sip. of honey drop, You made a mistake when you communicated with the girl without the knowledge of her family at the beginning, even if your intention was sound in relating to her, things are settled from the beginning with the existence of a social difference between you, and this is what you should have paid attention to by abandoning this relationship before it was consolidated.

And she continued: “Through your letter, I see that your continuation to go to her father’s engagement to her several times reflects your courage and determination to bond with her. Despite this, I advise you to stay away from these satanic thoughts that you have. The marital relationship is a sacred relationship that is not built on recklessness and impulsiveness, but is built on responsibility, honesty and manhood. Do you accept your sister’s marriage in this way? Which is a kind of theft and betrayal of honor and trust, so fear God and be patient.”

She added: I advise you to be patient and to abandon these toxic, extremist thoughts. Sincere love does not know the language of revenge, selfishness, and stalking the other party (the family), but rather knows sacrifice and contemplation in the wisdom of God Almighty. You have no share in this marriage at all.You have to be patient, and intend to try again after you make progress with your financial level, so that the people realize how serious you are. Until this happens, you must stop communicating with each other, respecting the wishes of her family, on the one hand, and to prevent the increase in your attachment, on the other. Don’t feel guilty about the girl because you did everything you could, and both of you should look to the future, and don’t get carried away emotionally without thinking in a practical way.”

Within the framework of the “Seventh Day” keenness to communicate directly with readers, and to provide various and varied services, “The Seventh Day” launched the “Washwasha” service to receive any inquiries or psychological, social or educational problems, provided that the problems are presented to experts and trusted specialists and publish responses via Website and newspaper.

You can contact us through WhatsApp number 01284142493 or e-mail Washwasha@youm7.com or direct link.


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