Our beautiful morals.. 6 different ways to train a child to avoid lying

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Some children are forced to lie at times and for various reasons, whether because they fear that their parents will frustrate their grades in schools, or to avoid punishment, or for various reasons that lead to this act that contradicts our beautiful morals that we were brought up on. The report, according toParents“.

How to teach a child not to lie

Teaching the child honesty

Parents should talk to the child about the meaning of honesty and its importance in anyone’s life, while teaching the child the difference between what is real and what is imaginary.

The child should be discussed about the benefits of honesty and how it is important for building and strengthening trust with others, while teaching him why it is important, giving examples of honesty in others, and praising the child for being honest.

Talk about the benefits of honesty

Talk about the consequences of lying

Talk with the child about the consequences of lying, which must be fair, reasonable and appropriate to the situation, as it is not preferable that lying always leads to punishment, but preferably an opportunity to have an open discussion with the child.

Understand the reasons for lying

Parents, when discussing with a child about his lies, must understand the reasons that prompted him to lie, and the problems he was exposed to and prompted him to lie, while helping him to find a solution to these problems.

Talking to a child about honesty
Talking to a child about honesty

Find other solutions

Parents should talk to the child about the advantages of honesty, and that he should strengthen trust between him and them, and this does not mean that he should avoid hiding things, talk openly about their problems that they face and help them find other ways to deal with the problem instead of lying.

child rearing
child rearing

set an example

Parents should be a role model for their children and be honest, especially in front of him, so that he can imitate them with his colleagues and friends.

get help

If the child is older or a teenager and is accustomed to lying, then a psychological or educational counselor should be used to help the parents raise the child and teach him not to lie.


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