Number 5 The secret .. a company that raises controversy after accepting employees based on their phone numbers

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There may be many who believe in superstitions and supernatural things, but for companies and institutions to believe in these superstitions, and make them one of their criteria, it is strange, as the Chinese media reported a strange case of an education company in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, allegedly rejecting employment applications for people with the number “5”. As the fifth digit in their phone numbers, because the manager considers it bad luck, these applicants are therefore advised to change their phone numbers if they are really interested in working for the company. Superstitions are a huge part of everyday life.


The hashtag “the company doesn’t hire people whose phone number is 5 by number 5” has spread, with many puzzled how a Taaleem company could have such a hiring policy, however, there were also comments from superstitious who seemed to They understand and agree with the manager’s decision, according to oddity central.


site reported What On Weibo Recently, one blogger named Jimenjun a specialist in astrology and numerology, explained how the strange employment case was likely inspired by the ancient Chinese divination text I Ching or Yi JingAlso known as the “Book of Changes”.

he added Jimenjun A person with “5” as the fifth digit in his phone number may easily conflict with his superiors and bring bad luck to his boss as well.

One user commented Weibo On the story: “My mom told me it would be better if my phone number didn’t have 0 or 5”

In general, comments on the unnamed company’s hiring policy have been negative, and many believe that regardless of whether a manager is superstitious, such practices have no place in the modern world and that rejecting candidates on their phone numbers can be considered discrimination.


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