If your child has been harassed on social media, know how to protect him

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Some are subjected to harassment, whether old or young, as this phenomenon is no longer limited to a certain age or nationality, and the mother must monitor her young children and protect them from anything they may be exposed to while checking social media and the Internet.

Sexual words may be considered the least dangerous, and one of the most cruel behaviors, and the matter may develop and reach stalking, in addition to harassing the victims. Children and adolescents are a common target and more vulnerable to electronic harassment, despite that they do not tell their parents what happened, and there are some ways and actions that can be done if they are exposed. child abuse, according topandasecurity“.

Know the different types of harassment:

There may be many forms of harassment, from verbal harassment, which is sending a voice call or slanderous words, to visual harassment, by sending some pictures and videos that carry certain suggestions, to coercive harassment, which means hacking the victim’s accounts and obtaining personal information to force him to do so. a certain.

How to act if a child is being bullied or harassed online:

– The child must be taken seriously, sit down and talk to him and listen to what he says very carefully, so that he feels safe while speaking without feeling any fear.

The person who harasss the child must be banned on all social media.

Familiarize yourself with the laws, document electronic harassment, and know the rights if a case is required.

Most of the time, online harassment may be subjective and different, depending on the form that the harasser takes.

Online stalking:

Cyberstalking is the process of using the Internet to systematically and repeatedly harass, threaten or intimidate someone, possibly through email, social media, chat rooms or instant messaging.

Internet stalking is a crime:

Online stalking is a crime and has laws that provide penalties for the offender.

How to report online stalking, and what to do:

Minors must tell a parent or trusted person about the harassment.

Gather all evidence of the conversations in which you are trying to stop the harassment.

Submit those documents and evidence to the legal authorities.

– Block the electronic stalker on all social media.

The child’s Internet stalker should not be met in person.

It is important for the mother to notice her children and discover any change in their behavior, to speak with them frankly and to listen to them with all understanding and patience, so that they do not feel hesitant and afraid.

Internet harassment

electronic harassment
electronic harassment

little girl watching the internet
little girl watching the internet


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