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Spinach is one of the foods that contain a large amount of iron and nutrients and are able to build the body in a healthy and useful way. Also, we may find some of our children refuse to eat spinach, so we will discuss in the following lines how to make spinach with bechamel and minced meat according to the way of Chef Mai Siam.

Spinach with minced meat

How to make spinach with bechamel and minced meat: Ingredients:

1 kg spinach, finely chopped and washed.

small onion.

3 cloves minced garlic.

Quarter of a kilo of minced meat.

4 flour spoons.

5 cups of milk or a mixture between milk and soup.


black pepper.

Grated cheese for the face or cream.

How to make spinach with bechamel and minced meat:

Saute onions and garlic until onions change color and wilt.

Then add the washed spinach, which has been dried very well.

Then stir all the ingredients and saute the spinach until it is completely soft and reduces.

Then add salt and black pepper.

Then we prepare a casserole or “pyrex”, grease it well with ghee, and add the spinach Then add the mashed minced meat, add the bechamel layer and a piece of cream or grated cheese of any kind, and enter the oven until the face turns red.

How to prepare the bechamel

Fry the flour in ghee until it becomes a light golden color.

Add milk and stir well until boiling.

Add salt and black pepper. A bouillon cube can be added and mix well.

It is served as a complete meal that contains a lot of iron and protein, and it can also be served with other dishes of rice and green salads.

spinach casserole recipe

How to make spinach casserole


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