Etiquette for dealing with embarrassing situations, whether when you fall in the street or forget names

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Many of us are exposed to many situations that may make us feel embarrassed, and some of us may think when responding, or the appropriate behavior may harm our general appearance, but in fact there must be an appropriate response, as embarrassing situations do not depend on a specific situation or a specific place. Therefore, the seventh day reviews the rules of etiquette to respond to embarrassing situations with human relations etiquette expert Hala Al-Azab.

Etiquette for dealing with a fall in the street:

The etiquette expert said in her speech to “The Seventh Day”: “It is preferable that we not take a position greater than the size of the act, but it is preferable that the behavior be with a great deal of understanding and acceptance from the owner of the situation and those around him, and in the event of a fall on the ground, and this is considered one of the situations that falls It has many of us and sometimes it causes us embarrassment, so The person must be calm and not try to stand up quickly until after checking on himself, and then he must go to the side of the road and in a calm way, trying to clean his clothes, and also for those around him to try to help him stand without belittling or laughing.

Etiquette for dealing with embarrassing situations in public places:

And in the event of any liquids falling on clothes in public places, this situation is always repeated for young men and women, but we have to behave well if the “waiter” is the one who did this. And because the “waiter” is a person who is likely to make mistakes, he must be respected and ignored, and then go to the bathroom and try to clean your clothes.

Etiquette for forgetting people:

The etiquette of dealing with someone from your old acquaintance and do not remember him, we always meet with people who are happy to meet us and shake hands with us warmly due to an acquaintance that has been between us for years, but we may find that we may know him but do not remember his name, in this case, it is necessary to calm down and deal with him in a friendly manner And cheerful while avoiding mentioning his name or calling him with nice nicknames that confirm your connection and do not show your forgetfulness, but in the event that you do not remember him at all, you should shake hands with him and smile at him with a strong apology to him with a request to mention his name and remind you of you

Etiquette for dealing with embarrassing situations
Correct handling when forgetting people
Correct handling when forgetting people
Embarrassing situations
Embarrassing situations


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