Doctors remove a nose ring from the lung of an American who lost it 5 years ago.. an unexpected place

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Doctors have extracted a nose ring from the lung of an American who lost him 5 years ago, after X-rays showed the presence of a nose ring – which the man had worn years ago – implanted in the upper left lobe of his lung.

Joey Leekins, 35, was taken to the emergency room late last month with a severe cough and a feeling that “something was blocking the airway”.

Doctors feared that these were warning signs of pneumonia, but X-rays showed that the cause was in fact a nasal stud – which the man had been wearing implanted into the upper left lobe of his lung.

Likens believes he swallowed the coin in his sleep, saying that one morning five years ago he woke up to find it missing and after “turning my bedroom upside down he decided it was lost and bought another”.


The man in the operating room
The man in the operating room

the man
the man

X ray
X ray

There are many anecdotal reports of people swallowing nose stud earrings online, often after they have been loosened. Experts say this is usually ‘safe’, but jewelry that is larger, pointed or has a rough texture can get stuck or rip tissues..

Likens suggested he may have swallowed the jewel – which he had worn for 3 to 4 years before – in his sleep..

Blows to the nose can loosen the jewelry and cause it to “exit” in one of the nostrils, which can then be inhaled through the nasal cavity, or fall into the mouth where it can be swallowed or inhaled..


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