Different ways to moisturize the body during and after bathing.. Easy and simple steps

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Every woman cares about her beauty and elegance, and chooses the appropriate makeup and hairdo that makes her appear thin, and the clothes that she chooses according to fashion trends that suit you at the same time, and this does not dispense with caring for the skin at the same time because it has great importance on feeling self-confidence..

And because the way in which the body is washed while taking a shower, is important to leave the body wet and clean, and for this there are several ways, according to the website.thehealthy“, Which:

The first step: moisturizing

A step must be taken before entering the shower, which is to rub a small area on the arm or leg with nails, and if a white mark is detected, this indicates that the skin is dry and needs more moisturizing and care.

Step Two: Enter and Exit in 10 Minutes

It is known that bathing in hot water for a long time strips the skin of moisture and removes the oils that are beneficial to the body. Therefore, the water must be kept cool, and the shower must be done quickly, and it is possible to shower every two days, especially in the winter, to preserve the oils in the body.

Step Three: Choose Soap

Some types of soap contain extra fat, which leaves a beneficial layer on the body, giving extra moisture and a pleasant scent. Be aware that deodorant soap can make the body dry.

Step Four: Pay attention to the special loofah

When showering, make a gentle circular motion to remove dead skin cells and discourage hair growth under the skin. A loofah should be stored in a dry place away from the shower cabin, to discourage bacteria growth.

Step 5: The final hydration time

A moisturizing lotion or cream should be applied within 3 minutes of leaving the bathroom in order to trap water in the upper layers of the skin, and to prevent dryness and itching later. A heavier, thicker moisturizer should be used in winter, when the level of moisture in the body is lower.


body hydration
body hydration



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