Different forms of “tatto” that married couples can draw, most notably the cardstock

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In the recent period, the centers of tattooing in all its forms and colors have spread, and since the tattoo is a permanent drawing that is not easily removed, many have linked it to the relationship of marriage or strong relationships by writing down a drawing, symbol or word that expresses this relationship. The traditional way of expressing these promises is the wedding rings offered by The life partner, which contains the perfectly round jewelry to signify the eternal bond between two people, although there are those who do not feel that symbol in the rings, and prefer to have something more interconnected and indelible easily, so they resort to drawing tattoos symbolizing their love for each other, so “The Seventh Day” reviews a set of ideas that will help you when drawing a tattoo with your loved one, according to the “Seventh Day” website.savedtattoo” As follows:

The first letter of the beloved’s name:

One of the most popular alternative tattoos for wedding rings follows the idea of ​​getting the first letter of the name of your loved one directly on the finger, and this is a very personal and special idea, all you have to do is choose the letter and writing style, you can add many other details about the letter, such as flower petals or Small heart or lock and key graphic.


Meaningful words for you both:

Do you both like a quote or a sentence that has a word you say together, maybe two or three words that represent your relationship? Well this could be the best wedding ring tattoo idea, talk to the tattoo artist and let him draw around your fingers or your favorite spot, write these words or Famous sentences with meaning.

Write the letter or name
Write the letter or name

full names:

If you want more than just a few simple initials of your wife’s name, you can go further than a full name tattoo, this is one of the most intimate touches you can give to your marriage, it makes it look so beautiful.

drawing tattoo
drawing tattoo

King and Queen of Cards:

This is a cool, simple and elegant design, it’s about a special relationship between a king and queen, you can customize it to express love not just a deck of cards.

deck paper
deck paper

wedding date tattoo:

Your wedding date is one of the most special and special days of your life. It is considered a date in history. The best way to commemorate your wedding day is to write it permanently as a tattoo.

Tattoo by day and date
Tattoo by day and date


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