Body language expert: Meghan was nervous and afraid of Kate Middleton during the Queen’s funeral

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The presence of Megan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, aroused the astonishment of many people, especially those who followed the disputes between Megan and her husband and the royal family, beginning with their abandonment of their royal duties and their travel to America, and speaking to them on the media program Oprah Winfrey, accusing the British royal family of racism, and other matters that exacerbated the tension and disputes between them. Therefore, many closely watched the reactions of Princess Meghan at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, especially her treatment of family members.

Prince Harry

Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rozas, known as the body language man, analyzed how Kate Middleton and Prince William interacted with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, as he said that Megan looked at Kate as tense and very scared, and this was evident by her movement of her neck, according to the website. ” cheatsheet “.

Rosas added that Megan’s tension was very clear, and this could be due to her feeling of anxiety and fear, noting that her feelings appeared in her right hand, arm, and feet, as he said: “Foots do not lie.”

Another image
Another image

The body language expert noted that the feet play an important role in body language, as the position of each person’s feet tells a different story, for example, Kate’s feet were planted firmly and confidently, but Prince Harry’s feet were placed in a way that seemed to indicate his desire to leave, as He waved his feet away, as if he was about to get out.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Rosas noticed that Harry and Megan touch each other a lot, as if they were trying to calm each other and this was shown by their touches to each other when Markle was putting her hand on her husband’s back and so did he, because they did not feel comfortable at that time


Rosas said that Kate and William appear to be a “thriving” couple based on their facial expressions and body language, as Meghan and Harry seem to be thriving as well but in their own way, as the two traveled and decided to live in America, but it is possible that they feel uncomfortable because of the focus in their lives.

Harry and Megan
Harry and Megan


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