6 habits to follow before going to bed, including tying hair and moisturizing hands

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Increasing daily pressures and the large number of tasks required, whether at home or at work, many girls forget themselves, and ignore many simple steps that help them complete their lives comfortably without pressure, especially while leaving these steps, which translates into the emergence of some hair and skin problems, there are many tips The daily that can be followed is spread through social networking sites, some of which are useful and fast, and some of them that take a long time to implement, which makes many avoid them, and there are those who resort to using some expensive tools that are difficult for some to buy to get the best methods for hair and skin care, so he reviews. Seventh Day: “Some habits that can be done before going to sleep in simple minutes that do not take time or effort and will help you enhance your beauty and maintain a healthy routine for your skin, according to the website” ishonest” As follows:

Make-up removal:

Before going to sleep, remove all the makeup from your face and wash the skin well, this helps your skin to breathe, and extract natural oils, without the need for external oils or moisturizing products.

Make-up removal

Applying a moisturizing hand cream:

It is best before bedtime to wash the hand well with warm water, dry it with a soft towel, and then use a moisturizing cream suitable for your hands, in order to keep your hand well moisturized during sleep, as hand cream plays a role in reducing the dryness and roughness of the skin.

moisturizing hands

moisturizing hands

Eye cream:

After removing makeup at night and washing the face, it is preferable to use a cream suitable for the eye area, as the vitamins in it work to moisturize your eye area, as well as reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Apply eye cream

Apply eye cream

Tie hair before bed:

It is preferable to tie the hair before bed, in order to avoid its entanglement, and to distribute its oils on the skin that cause acne.

hair tie

hair tie

Foot washing and moisturizing:

Before bed, you should wash your feet with warm water, then use Vaseline on your feet to feel their natural, lasting softness later on.

washing feet

washing feet

Brushing your teeth:

Teeth washing is one of the most important habits that take care of the internal and external appearance as well, in order to avoid many problems, including bad breath, tooth pigmentation, and other pathological problems.

brushing teeth
brushing teeth


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