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The Syndicate of Restaurant Owners clarifies about the proposal to raise falafel prices

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publish date 2022-09-21 20:29:30

The captain of the Restaurant and Sweets Owners Syndicate, Omar Al-Awwad, clarified the truth of what was rumored about the demand for raising the prices of falafel sandwiches and the prices of popular restaurants.

In a special statement to Al-Ghad, Al-Awwad denied the validity of what is being circulated on social media pages and news sites about raising the prices of sandwiches and the prices of popular restaurants, and said that at the present time no new requests have been submitted to the Ministry about prices due to the instability of production input prices.

Al-Awwad added in his statement, “We do not know what is new. The rises since the last quarter of last year, and many meetings were held for organizational purposes and to discuss demands and in the presence of members of the General Assembly, but until this moment the talk about this remains pure rumors and baseless.”

He continued by saying: “Such a move requires concerted efforts and consensus between the union, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Income and Sales Tax Department, and a final decision of the Council of Ministers.”

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