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The Minister of Water is not welcome under the dome of Parliament

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publish date 2022-09-21 12:46:47

MP Muhammad Bani Yassin expressed his objection to the presence of the Minister of Water and Irrigation Muhammad al-Najjar under the dome of Parliament, considering that his presence is not welcome.

Bani Yassin said during the parliament’s session on Wednesday, that the Al-Ahed bloc met and discussed the issue of what happened between one of the bloc’s members, MP Khaled Al-Shalul, and the Minister of Water and Irrigation.

He stressed that the bloc is still waiting to take the necessary measures against those who made a mistake, and abused the position and position, which the bloc considered an insult to the Council with all its members, calling on the Minister of Water and Irrigation to apologize, and also demanded the Prime Minister to take the necessary measures.

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