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The body of a Palestinian was found in “Tel Aviv” hours after the occupation claimed that he had been killed by a settlement

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publish date 2022-09-21 08:46:27

The Compass – Hebrew sources said, on Wednesday morning, that the Israeli occupation police found the body of a Palestinian in Tel Aviv, hours after he was accused of killing a settlement in Holon.

The Israeli Army Radio, according to a translation of the “Safa” agency, stated that the occupation police found the Palestinian “dead in an apartment” in Tel Aviv.

Yesterday evening, the Israeli police announced the killing of a female settler in a commando operation in the Holon area, near Tel Aviv.

The commander of the occupation police, “Yacoub Shabtai,” claimed, according to a translation of the “Safa” agency, that the investigations showed that the killing of the settlement came against a nationalistic background, and it was carried out by a Palestinian who managed to withdraw from the place.

Hebrew media claimed that the surveillance cameras in the area recorded the moments of the operation with a sharp object, with which the attacker hit the settlement on the head.


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