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I sent a letter to the Prime Minister about the dispute between the paralysis and the Minister of Water

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publish date 2022-09-21 11:48:44

Parliament Speaker Abdul Karim Al-Daghmi announced that he sent a letter to the Prime Minister protesting what happened between the Minister of Water and Representative Khaled Al-Shalul.

Al-Daghmi said during the parliament’s session today, Wednesday, that he sent the letter to the president to take the necessary action, pointing out that this is what he must do, and the rest is with the prime minister.

It is noteworthy that MP Al-Shloul revealed in a previous session a dispute with a minister complaining about his sister, noting that he went to the Minister of Water before the session and spoke with him about his request for an appointment in his office to discuss issues of concern to citizens, but he informed him that he would not give him an appointment.

Al-Shloul stated that the minister’s sister had sparked controversy over a radio interview, and he was assigned by a large segment of citizens to submit this complaint to the public prosecutor.

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