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Granting “urgency” to tender the new King Hussein Bridge

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publish date 2022-09-21 22:48:22

Head of the Ministerial Steering Committee for the project to construct buildings and yards for freight and passengers for the new King Hussein Bridge, Minister of Public Works and Housing, Yahya Al-Kasabi, confirmed that the government, under the directives of Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh, is committed to facilitating the procedures for Palestinians crossing the King Hussein Bridge.

Al-Kasabi said during a meeting held by the committee at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, on Tuesday, that the government has taken many measures to facilitate travelers across the bridge, including extending working hours, and applying the pre-booking system for departures across the King Hussein Bridge towards the West Bank, which was launched last August. Increasing the number of cadres working on the bridge, began to automate the services provided to passengers on the bridge; Which contributed to facilitating the crossing of Palestinians across the bridge.

The committee’s meeting also instructed those concerned with granting a tender for the construction of buildings and cargo and passenger yards for the new King Hussein Bridge, and related to the investment tender for the new buildings and yards for the bridge in a location close to the current site and on an area estimated at two thousand dunams, as a matter of urgency.

Al-Kasabi reiterated that the government will not hesitate to provide the best services to the passengers of the King Hussein Bridge, stressing that the government will discuss other recommendations of the committee for approval by the Council of Ministers in a way that contributes to improving the services provided on the bridge.

During the meeting, they discussed the outcomes of the visit to the bridge, which was carried out by the committee last week, and ways to improve the services provided to travelers until the implementation of the new investment project, which is currently in the stage of evaluating the initial qualification requests for companies (RFQ).

During the meeting, the Ministerial Committee listened to the most prominent measures taken by all relevant authorities, and their feedback, in addition to the proposed solutions to improve the level of service provided to travelers in a manner that is commensurate with the reality of the situation and according to the available capabilities.

The committee recommended evaluating the reality of the current buildings for travelers, and finding optimal solutions to serve the movement of passengers and freight alike, until the completion of the comprehensive plan project, which includes the construction of buildings for travelers, cargo yards, and all infrastructure and services requirements.

The Steering Committee instructed those concerned to periodically evaluate the measures currently taken, and to take any new measures that could facilitate travelers immediately, in a manner that serves the movement of passengers and travelers alike.

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