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A dangerous and unprecedented item in the guarantee adjustments and opens a new door for spending from its money

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publish date 2022-09-21 10:44:06

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The insurance and social protection expert, the former media spokesperson for the Social Security Corporation, sharply criticized the insurance amendments, noting that they allocate 20% of the fines for the welfare of employees.

And he said in a post on “Facebook” that Article (22) of the Insurance Law imposes benefits and fines on establishments that are late in paying contributions on the legal time, or that delay in providing the insurance institution with the data of their workers, or that have not deducted subscriptions for all or some of their employees. or did not pay contributions on the basis of the real wages of its workers.

And he indicated that the draft amendments added a paragraph to this article, paragraph (f), where item “1” stipulates the establishment of a fund in the guarantee institution, to which no more than (20%) of the proceeds of fines incurred by establishments will be transferred, for the purposes of improving working conditions and raising efficiency. The Corporation’s employees, providing services to them in the health, cultural, social, and housing fields, and providing them with incentives. These are disbursed and distributed to employees who excel in their performance and to everyone who contributed to the discovery of insurance evasion, and this is done according to instructions issued by the Corporation’s Board of Directors.

He added, “This is a dangerous and unprecedented issue that opens a new door for spending from the guarantee funds. The question arises; What is missing from the guarantee employees until this feature is added and it is legal for them to take from the participants’ money, and perhaps the inventors of this amendment do not know that everything that enters into the guarantee treasury in terms of subscriptions and the benefits, fines and others that follow it becomes money for the participants and their right, and it is not permissible to spend it except on them according to for the insurance benefits they are entitled to under the provisions of the law.”

Al-Subaihi continued, “As for the employees of the Guarantee Corporation, I do not think that they lack anything. They receive good salaries, and they receive monthly incentives with a ceiling of (500) dinars that are included in their salaries subject to the deduction of the guarantee, and they have housing loans that reach a ceiling of (80) thousand dinars and with very modest interest, and they enjoy They have very good health insurance in the private and public medical sector, and many of them receive an overtime allowance, and they have a provident fund supported by the institution.”

He wondered, “Why, then, is this high percentage, or even any percentage of the collected fines, allocated to their benefit, service, and even their well-being…not just for the sake of it…and the guarantee manager has to answer; Any valid reasons for this strange and reprehensible amendment, and by God, if I were still an employee in the institution, I would not accept this amendment.”


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