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One of the celebrities of the “Tik Tok” application, 29-year-old Angelica Hicks, captured the attention of thousands of viewers around the world by creating economic versions of high fashion fashion, in which Hollywood stars appeared at international film festivals and film shows, especially Some of the star dresses at the Venice International Film Festival.

And Hicks began sharing her amazing entertainment shows through her account on “Tik Tok”, which relies on everything from toilet paper to garbage bags, and the “Tik Tok” star reviewed her economic designs for high-end dresses via social media, where she has since collected more From 180 thousand followers on TikTok And the Instagram together.

Hicks explained in an online post her goal of those designs, where she said, “The goal of the videos is not to discredit the appearance, but sometimes I see a costume and I think I can make an affordable version, and this process is funny,” according to the New York Post. American.

Carolina Herrera dress

“She recently snapped some of her hottest red carpet looks, including Florence Pugh’s Venice Film Festival dress, Taylor Swift’s look, and the latest trends straight from the New York Fashion Week runway,” she added. Hicks has also collaborated with many big names on art projects including the Metropolitan Museum of Art prior to 2019 Met Gala Rockefeller Center and Group Yoox Net-a-Porter And theGucci .

Hicks used a roll of toilet paper and a little black strapless dress to recreate the looks of the Carolina Herrera Fall 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week, wrapping toilet paper around the black dress to make white stripes, then completing the look with strappy sandals similar to those on the runway except The straps around her ankles made with a black duct tape.

Ana de Armas dress at the Venice Film Festival

Ana de Armas dress at the Venice Film Festival

And while Ana de Armas dazzled the audience at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, last week, she wore a red floral dress from Louis Vuitton And the gorgeous dress was decorated with a necklace and bracelet, so the look of “Hicks” was equal to dazzle as well, but she relied in her design on pink garbage bag linings to simulate the original fabric, and Hicks wrapped some bags around her neck so that they hang on the floor, then tied one around her waist to secure it.

Never forgetting the details, Hicks made her own necklace and bracelet using pear mesh sleeves, and used a garlic clove as a pendant in the necklace, this design being the most popular look to date.

And while Taylor Swift made sure everyone knew that the nude dress trend was stuck at an awards show MTV Music Video For 2022, where she shined in a small dress from Oscar de la Renta Made of silver crystal thread.

And Hicks offered, a modest alternative to Taylor Swift’s dress, but still shiny, as she wrapped herself in strands of silver rope, using some decorative ribbons that she wrapped around herself in a delicate way to imitate Taylor Swift’s dress, then finished the look with Taylor’s distinctive red lipstick, and her fans commented. It’s “better than the original” and some say she wore it better than Taylor herself.

Florence Pugh, who also grabbed the attention at the Venice Film Festival, wore a shiny black dress. To look and decorated at the end with flowers in black as well.

In contrast, Hicks created an almost home-perfect look, starting with spray paint on some black paper and pinning it to the ankle of some high-heeled shoes so you wouldn’t miss a staple from the Extra Viganza design, then she created the rest of the dress using black tulle, and finished it off. Sprinkle silver glitter on itself and some aluminum foil in place of Pugh’s Tiffany and Co. jewelry.

Florence Bouge dress
Florence Bouge dress

Alternative pop band Japan Breakfast Michelle Zoner wore a yellow Valentino Haute Couture dress at the 2022 Grammy Awards. She then stuck balloons all over her body to achieve the look of a Valentino dress from Zoner.

Michelle Zoner dress
Michelle Zoner dress


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